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We’re well-recognized masters of interviewing to tell the story – we created the #1 business radio show in the MidAtlantic States, ExecutiveLeadersRadio.com.  So you don’t need to suffer with a zillion script revisions,  or need to hire expensive actors, or have to pay for an expensive location, or pay for tons of shooting equipment and then lots of editing.   Google “Executive Leaders Radio” to learn more about our interviewing process. 

Put us to the test – we’ll provide you with our Money Back Guarantee!  See if we can truly capture (interview, shoot and edit) your unique story in the most cost-effective, engaging manner- Including quality graphics, music-under and special effects…  To help you:

Make and Raise More Money

Increase traffic from the search engines, social media, every corner of the internet.   Certainly capture your  audience’s attention which will move them to action, sooner and with more conviction, than plain words.   More effective than trying to explain is to demonstrate.  And we’ll clearly highlight your differentiators using our special interviewing techniques.

Introduce New Products or Services.  Your customers and clients are more prone to watch an engaging, short internet video than read a lot of text, even with pictures. And your well-produced video will also encourage purchasing-related action, sooner, with more conviction.

Update Products or Services

Existing customers appreciate a concise video helping them better appreciate the benefits of the product or service you currently provide.

Establish Thought Leadership

Customers now search the internet for information which provides them comfort in their purchasing decisions.  A crisp, professional video helps your customers learn and trust your strengths, positioning your organization as a “thought-leader.”

CrossSell More Products or Services

Because your business has already developed a “relationship” with your customers who purchased your products or services, the door is wide open for your video-communication including a special incentive to purchase additional products or services.   Include customer testimonials to help make your point(s)!

Recruit New Talent

Include a crisp, well-produced video in your job board’s help wanted ad and you’ll dramatically stand-out from all the other employers simply using boring text – cause applicants can actually get excited and a feel for your engaging team, exciting potential work and their potential future career paths.

Orient New Talent

Give new talent the opportunity of understanding, from the beginning of employment, your CEO’s vision, your corporate values, your Hiring Manager’s expectations, and introduce their peers and their peer’s excitement.

Excite Existing Talent

Capture and share events (new hires, birthdays, anniversaries, births, etc.) among the team to increase camaraderie.
Instruct.  Company-approved training videos insure current best practices and can recognize and gain pride in many ongoing team players for their individual talents through the course of time

Save Time

Help your team members save time and save your business money by delivering repetitive messages with consistency and within compliance by recording video.   Your team members will be able to invest their time more wisely answering specific rather than recurring questions.


Your business development and sales professionals seek current tools which engage their customers.  We’ll show you how you can easily shoot smartphone yet professional-looking video of each of your sales professionals and to further cut costs we’ll insert these “snippets” into a “wrapper video” which encourages new and existing customers to purchase.

We Deliver Results

Contact us today to get started.


Since 2014, our smartphones have excellent video capabilities, equal or better than many current video cameras.  Our incredibly simple “3 Step Process” will show you 1-How to shoot excellent-quality video … 2-Perhaps include some of your digital photos … 3-We’ll edit including graphics and music-under.   And provide you with our Money-Back-Guarantee!

Authentic video engages. 

Traditional, expensive, time-consuming scripted videos which require actors and specialized locations and lots of equipment and tons of editing are obsolete.   We’ll prove it to you!

We’ll transform your smartphone’s video and perhaps include some of your digital photos into a professionally-produced engaging, authentic story.   To help your business sell new products and services, communicate to your existing and potential teammates, help inform investors, etc.   To help your family appreciate how grand pop met grand mom, their first impression of each other and the favorite room in their home.

Our “3 Step Process” includes the interview questions you should answer, how to hold the camera to avoid jerky movements and easy uploading to us.  Better and More, for Less.

Credible Capture on Video

What Kind of Businesses Can Profit from Video?

Quick Answer Is… ANY!

New Car Dealers: We’ll weave into a “wrapper video” of your dealership and specific automobiles (including your existing videos, photos and graphics to increase viewer engagement and cut production costs) your smartphone “snippets” of your sales professionals encouraging the purchase of automobiles and services perhaps through some special incentive offering!

Residential Real Estate Brokers:  We’ll show you how to shoot a simple and elegant “wrapper video” on your smartphone and then we’ll include existing videos, photos and graphics of the region you cover to further enhance your viewer engagement and cut production costs, while weaving smartphone “snippets” of each of our sales professionals helping their prospective clients to understand “why to sell your home now,” “how to prepare your home for sale,” etc.

Financial Planners: Assume the “thought-leader” position in the minds of your prospective clients by recording a “wrapper” video perhaps entitled “How To Insure Money For College,” “How To Insure Money For Vacations,” etc. which your wealth managers will send to their prospective clients through the course of the year, including their own personal “snippet video” which we’ll weave into your company wrapper.

Client Services: Provide Proof / Reduce Misunderstandings. 

If you want to provide clear proof, we’ll show you how to use your existing smartphone and include the proper time and date stamp and supporting digital photos and graphics to make your point, no questions asked!  For example:

Snow-Plowing Businesses can clearly demonstrate they cleared the driveway for the apartment building manager at a specific time on a specific date, which we can log-in and edit with the appropriate digital photos and graphics if and when potential litigation occurs (perhaps due to a litigious slip-and-fall injury victim) – because we can demonstrate the work was done correctly.

Carpenters can document the termite damage before repairs are completed to justify the additional labor and materials needed to insure the work was performed to “code.”  We’ll log-in and edit your smartphone videos including the appropriate digital photos and graphics to avoid any potential client conflict by clear justification.

Ensure Consistent Best Practices

Managers want to insure the most current “best practices” are performed consistently, for example: Apartment Building Managers want to insure their staffs are fixing the washing machines and dishwashers quickly, inexpensively and properly.   We’ll help you build and keep an inexpensive library “in the sky” for viewing by your staff so they’re clear on the newest techniques.


Capture Your Family’s History

Did you really have the opportunity to get to know your grandmother, your grandfather, your aunts, your uncles, your cousins and close family friends?  Do you remember the details of these treasured memories?  You have the opportunity, now, to preserve these memories for you, your children and future generations by easily capturing on your smartphone their heartwarming, emotional slice-of-life answers to your wisely-selected never-intrusive questions – designed to draw out their thoughts and feelings.   Perhaps as soon as your next family get-together.

Some questions you may want to ask include:

  • When and where were you born?
  • Who were you named after? 
  • Where did you grow up? 
  • Tell us about your neighborhood – who were your friends? 
  • How did you play? 
  • Did you have a nickname? 
  • Did you have a favorite pet? 
  • Did you like school? 
  • Did you play sports? 
  • Where you active in any clubs? 
  • Where you in the military service?
  • Did you receive any special awards?
  • Did you have any special talents? 
  • What were your hobbies? 
  • What was your first job? 
  • How much did you earn? 
  • What was your first major purchase?  
  • How did you meet your spouse?
  • What was your first impression?
  • When did you know you wanted to marry? 
  • How did you propose? 
  • Where did you live? 
  • Any special neighbors? 
  • Who were your children named for? 
  • Please tell us your favorite story about each? 
  • What are the family traditions? 
  • Tell me about your grandchildren?
  • Great grandchildren? 
  • What are the family legends? 
  • What are some of you favorite things? 
  • How do you enjoy spending your time today? 
  • What are the 3 most important things that you want to be remembered for? 
  • Which important questions didn’t we ask?

Capture Special Occasions

Family Vacations. 

Which were your favorite family vacations?  Why?  Wouldn’t your smartphone video wrapped with each vacation’s digital photos tied together using our Professional Video Production Techniques make excellent family gifts – and provide “living” memories which only video provides.


Capturing these emotional passages and transitions, including engaging interviews of the Graduate, their family members and friends, answering the following questions:  “Why is This Day Special?”  “What Brought You Here?”  “What Will You Remember About Today?”

Parties, Wedding and Dances.

These events of family and friends are rare opportunities to capture many extended family and friends, all gathered together for a positive purpose.
Christmas / Hanukah
Easter / Passover
Communicate Your Feelings!
Valentine’s Day

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